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Inbound Call Centerephone Answering Service

Employing the use of our live answering service gives you the capacity to deal with a large volume of calls that might otherwise be missed.  Donít let another customer go unanswered.  Answering services provide an invaluable service for many businesses. 

Whether you are self-employed seeking to offer a more professional experience or a business seeking assistance with after-hours calls; our professional, courteous staff is here 24/7 to be your out-of-office receptionist, emergency dispatcher or customer service representative. 

We offer a variety of solutions to fit your business needs with our state-of-the-art technology.  Per-Com is a nationwide answering service offering the most efficient round the clock service and Spanish bilingual agents. 

How does an answering service work?

Itís simple.  We will provide you with a telephone number to forward your phone number.  Once your line is forwarded, a live agent will answer with your company name and proceed to take a message per your instructions.  Our staff is trained to be your out-of-office secretary to provide a seamless transition.  Once the call has ended, we will deliver your message through your selected medium. 

Our knowledgeable sales and customer care team can walk you through the entire set up process. 

Services Offered

Our corporate office is located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and has been providing services nationwide since 1975. 

Let Per-Com be an extension of your company by providing the most effective live telephone answering service. By working closely with Per-Com, you will be able to provide your customers with around the clock service.  In addition, the personal touch we provide with each and every phone call will let them know their business matters to your company. 


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